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Q&A | Endersby Photography



Q: What’s the price?
There are no two weddings alike, therefore we don’t have a set price. Please feel free to contact us via our contact form and let us know all about your plans, dreams and wishes, and we will put together an offer for you.

Q: Will we meet up before the wedding?
We never book a wedding date before having a chat with you, whether it’s over a cup of coffee in our living room or a visual skype-coffee. For us, choosing a photographer isn’t just a ‘free space in the calendar’. It’s important that the chemistry is right and that we have matching expectations, before making a binding agreement. We love to do engagement shoots with our couples before the big day, which is also a good way to get to know each other.

Q: How do you work?
When we document a wedding, we are a part of the day. We do our best to blend in and love being interactive with the guests, in a subtle way and make them laugh. It has a really nice effect on your guests, and it makes them feel a lot more comfortable with us sneaking around, because we are no longer strangers with a camera – which gives you the best result. Together with you we create a step by step plan for the day. The more we know about what’s going to happen, the more beautiful moments we can capture. In that way you can relax completely, knowing that we will capture everything.

Q: How much time should we set aside for portraits?
Well, it depends what you would like. As a rule we always set aside 1 – 1½ hours for portraits. Maybe it sounds like a lot, but it always takes a bit of time for you to start relaxing and enjoying the moment – which is where the best photos happen. Portraits will always seem a bit forced and set up in the beginning, so we therefore make it our greatest mission to create and capture the special ‘in-between moments’, which shows the real you. SO basically, the more time you set a side and enjoy the day, the better pictures you will get. If the weather allows, we would love to steal you away for 15-20 minutes around sunset, and capture the golden hour.

Q: Can we just book one photographer?
We – Adon and Nanna – always work together. This is because we actually just love working together, and we complement each other really nicely when we are out. If you on the other hand are having a very small ceremony and nothing big and fancy, it will be possible to book just one of us.

Q: What equipment do you use?
For us, there are a few very important criteria: minimal visibility, silent shutter and HIGH quality images. Personally we feel the romantic element disappears with the constant paparazzi sound in the background during the ceremony and speeches. Therefore we use a brand that focuses on discreet design, silent shutter, but maximum focus on high quality images.

Q: How and when do we receive our images?
You will receive your images via an online gallery, with the option to download in high and low resolution. I (Nanna) love creating the album in a way that you will experience the day again when you go though it, so I prioritise setting aside the time for this. So when, depends on the time of the year you are getting married – summer will always be more busy then winter. But as a rule it’s normally between 3-4 weeks. But we always get really exited when going though the pictures while editing, so we will probably send you a few sneak peaks within a few days!!

Q: Will our photos be used on social media.
Yes please – if it’s okay with you of course. We love sharing photos of all our beautiful couples. It’s a pretty huge part of our marketing and a way for others to see our work. But we will completely understand if you want your day to be private. In that case, we would love to pick out a tiny handfull from the whole day, which you approve of. We won’t show pictures of your guests, without approval.