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We are the Endersby’s and we are a husband and wife photographer couple. We found each other in spring 2013 at a german pub here in Denmark (random we know) – 8 months later, Adon moved here and a year after that, we got married. Yay!

Our home is just outside a town called Aarhus, here in Denmark. Adon is from Cornwall in England. Therefore we go there a few times every year – We actually call it ‘The land of Dreams’, we like it that much. We love documenting weddings in the southwest… and actually all of England. When we are based in Cornwall, you will mostly see us wandering around the streets of Falmouth with a pasty in one hand and a camera in the other.

We love shooting love, weddings and meeting new people – so we kinda found our niche you might say. To document a wedding is so much more that just snapping some photos. It’s about understanding you as a couple and who you are, capturing all the big and little moments you don’t get to see with your own eyes, or the ones you want to remember forever.

As photographers we always use natural light. We are not massive fans of overly staged settings or backgrounds. Therefore we don’t do stiff, awkward and forced poses because, to be honest, they won’t be the pictures you will look at in years to come. For us, photographs have to be authentic and real, which also shows in the way we work.

Your wedding day disappears before you know it, and we can by personal experience tell you, that it’s not easy to take it all in. There’s SO much to consider when you plan a wedding, and choosing the right photographer is a difficult, but a really important choice to make. Therefore we have collected a few of the Q&A’s that a lot of couples ask when it comes to picking their photographer, together with a bit of information about how we work. Please read here

Here’s a few quick fact’s about us:
Things we love: Each other (Awwww), Chocolate with seasalt and crunch, Electric Guitars (we collect them), Whiskey (mostly Adon… actually only Adon), X Factor (in fact, all programs where there is singing), Board Games (but we are poor losers), Sundays on the sofa, Cake – lots of cake and English Breakfast tea/Coffee (guess who).

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

XX Adon and Nanna